Monday, April 18, 2011

To HER..

To my dearest housemate.. classmate.. carmate.. sleepingmate roomate.. this post created just for you..

to her..
sorry for not being a good friend..
sorry for not being there when you're crying..
sorry for not knowing anything about you..
about what had happen between you and him..
about your tears..
about your study..
about the deactivation of your facebook...
i do notice about that when i want to send that spring egg from baking life to you..
but i just keep it to myself..

to her..
i wish to be a good friend to you.. 
to anyone around me..
to everybody that being nice to me..
but somehow.. or maybe..
i have been blurred with your smile..
your joke.. without knowing the pain inside your heart..
or specifically.. i just don't know how to be a good friend..
a best friend..
a BFF...

i do have a best friend before...
but she... right now.. in a relationship with my ex boyfriend..
i do have a good friend before...
but she.. stabbed on my back..
maybe because of my past..
i've been like this..

to her..
i'm sorry..
really2 sorry..
i'm a loser... and such a stupid friend..
you're such a nice friend to me..
but i've been bad to you..
you always accompanied me wherever i go..
but i'm not there when your eyes full of tears........


p/s- after you read this.. please pretend that there's nothing happened.. if not.. i'll be too shy to show my face to you! hehehe


Khuzrin Kamarudin said...

isya-Allah semua kembali normal..

apik pehe said...

xper2 ain..apik dah maafkan semua

alongxp said...

xpela... 0-0 je la...hehehhe...
sorry seems to be the hardest word...

ain hamiza said...

khuzrin : hehehe.. thanx 4 ur support!!

apik : ye laa apik.. ain mintak maap yeww! HUHU

alongxp : yup2.. btol tu btol.. thanx!